Kokochoc Smoothie Bowl

IMG_7953This smoothie bowl is as delicious as it is nutritious. It’s a true treat for your body and soul and the perfect way to start your day. Basically because it’s texture is almost ice cream like, anyway to have “ice cream” for breakfast is a win right? Right.

Honestly all you need is a few ingredients, a good blender and 5 minutes.

IMG_7955.JPGSmall Things That Count Kokochoc smoothie bowl.jpgDon’t forget your toppings! These take the smoothie bowl to a whole new level.  They add crunch and texture. This one’s got banana slices, chocolate and honey granola, cocoa nibs, and of course, a big drizzle of peanut butter. You could substitute the peanut butter for coconut butter and it would be good too. Go crazy with whatever you basically feel like and have in the kitchen! This is the fun part 🙂STTC SMOOTHIE BOWL GIFThis chocolatey, coconutty smoothie is lusciously creamy and loaded up with so much goodness – I hope you’re gonna love this one! Enjoy.

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