A Weekend At Netherwood Farm

IMG_1928.JPGYou know when you look at the calendar and can’t believe you are half way through the year? Well that’s literally happened. Atleast the most amazing time of year has arrived and we can soak up winter sun and long lazy afternoons.

We spent a weekend at Netherwood Farm, in Nottingham Road and words don’t even begin to do the place justice. There is so much to do on the farm that puts you in that instant holiday – I want to be horizontal on a picnic blanket – mood. IMG_1835IMG_1895Untitled-1IMG_2021On arrival, we checked in and made our way straight to the Happy Days brewery on the farm where they serve craft gin and beers on tap. Here they also have large pillows scattered across the lawn for visitors to sit and relax, all while overlooking the most gorgeous landscape where Angus cows and Alpacas happily roam. We sat around the fire pit area while slowly sipping the afternoon away with special company.

We then leisurely made our way to our cottage where we were treated to yet another scenic view over a small dam and rolling fields. Distant cow moos could be heard in the distance while we lit the fireplace. There was just something so meditative about it all. We booked the Crane and Eagle self catered cottages and they had everything one would need for a comfortable stay. A dining room, basic kitchen, bathroom with a bath and shower, wrap around verandah, warm bedding (electric blanket included for those icy nights) and a dreamy fireplace in the lounge providing the crackling sound of winter.IMG_2044-2IMG_2046-2Untitled-1 - Copy.jpgIMG_2049-2IMG_2091-2IMG_2315We adventured around the property before making our way back to the on site steak house Fork ‘n Cleaver  for dinner. They pride themselves in being a farm to fork restaurant where the service and quality of food was exceptional. IMG_2083And then in the morning woke up to long winter sun rays glowing against the curtains and slowly made our way to Blueberry Cafe for the most delicious fresh blueberry flapjacks. This cafe is worth of a blog post all on it’s own which I will get around to doing at some point. But in the meantime, here is a sneak peak of how beautiful it is insideIMG_1846.JPGOverall we had the most relaxing, food filled weekend and already planning our next trip back. Even though the area has so much to offer, Netherwood farm provided us with just the right amount of things we needed to enjoy a weekend set in one place and not having to drive around. Although scenic meandering your way back home afterwards is highly recommended as there are some great stops along the way from cute cafes, restaurants and craft breweries to antique, trinket and chocolate shops plus so much more

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