STTC Presets

I am extremely excited to share something that has been on my mind for some time now. Over time I have been receiving messages and comments from followers asking how I edit my pictures. This then sparked the idea that I wanted to create presets from scratch and sell them to help people create magic with their photos, which brings us to here. I wasn’t too sure how to go about it, so after a bit of thinking I ran a vote on my Instagram stories and you guys were super helpful. You voted and commented on your favorite presets and for now I have decided to sell the two presets that got voted top two out of my preset creations (for Lightroom mobile only). You can head over to my ETSY store here where you can purchase and download for instant, convenient use.STTC BLOOMSDAY PRESETSTTC BLOOMSDAY BEFORE + AFTERSTTC BLOOMSDAY BEFORE + AFTER2STTC BLOOMSDAY BEFORE + AFTER3This Bloomsday Mobile Lightroom Preset creates stunning warm & pink inspired themes
It has been designed to be bright but warm at the same time and can be used in most situations. The Bloomsday preset is also vibrant and will change the coloring in your images quite a bit by increasing the exposure but still adding that warmer feel to your images. Bloomsday is a preset that has been designed with Instagrammers in mindSTTC COPPER DREAMS PRESETSTTC COPPER DREAMS BEFORE+AFTERSTTC COPPER DREAMS BEFORE+AFTER2STTC COPPER DREAMS BEFORE+AFTER3STTC COPPER DREAMS BEFORE+AFTER4This Copper Dreams Mobile Lightroom Preset creates stunning soft & desaturated feel to images. It has been designed to reduce primary colours and bring softness and sophistication into general topic pictures. Copper dreams was also made to desaturate colours, increase the exposure and add a punch of contrast by brightening all the reds in your image to emphasise golden tones.

Remember every photo is different, so these presets are there to help you and with minimal fine tuning (mostly on exposure because light is always different). Over the next few weeks I will release a few more but for now small steps in the right direction are very exciting.

I can’t wait to see how you use the presets and the magic you will create. So please don’t forget to use the hashtag #STTCpresets so I can see and share your beautiful photos.

You can buy Bloomsday and Copper dreams Lightroom Mobile presets by clicking here


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