Make Everyday A Good Sourced Day

IMG_3394.JPGsttcquoteIf you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed lately how I have started to share my thoughts on plastic and waste in general. It’s something I’ve felt quite strongly about for some time now and only recently have I started sharing tips on how we, together, can take small steps to preserve our environment for future generations to enjoy. I’m not one to usually punt beliefs on others but more for actually taking action quietly. It’s far more rewarding to know in yourself that you may be making a difference without other peoples judgement involved. Based on this topic, I have so sooo far to go in making my ecological footprint smaller but I have come to the realization that if I talk about the real important stuff, people may become more aware of very simple steps we can take together to let our surroundings thrive at their absolute best. It’s a tiny step in the right direction that could maybe make the biggest difference at very little costIMG_3735.JPGSince posting suggestions on how we can make a change together, people have reached out and included me in their ideas and thoughts on this topic which has been awesome. So in this post, I am going to share ideas on how you can join in too. You don’t have to do it all but you deciding on trying one small change will already have a positive impact.STTC small changes quote.jpgOne of the most simple and relatable change you can do is to get into the habit of swopping out single use plastic shopping bags to fabric ones. Fabric ones can be used over and over again. Fold them up and distribute a few in different places you have  easy access to. Pop them in your handbag, in your car, in your partners car, at the front door or wherever you know you won’t forget them so that whenever you visit the shops you have your bag ready to go. Fabric bags have been one of my best conversions and now have peace of mind knowing that one less plastic bag will be making its way to the ocean.IMG_2304.JPGThis was a change that took getting used to and may not appeal to a few of you but try convert to a natural toothpaste that works for you and a bamboo toothbrush. Natural toothpastes are good in getting rid of bacteria in your mouth with out the use of harmful chemicals, which in theory results in less chemicals entering the waterways that could later on affect natural elements in the environment. I have been using Olgani for a few months now and recently changed over from their Detoxifying Charcoal toothpaste to their new Mighty Cocoa toothpaste flavour. Although it took some getting used to (it’s quite salty and bitter) this product has been amazing and I couldn’t recommend it more.STTC OlganiOne of my favorite changes that I would recommend you try is to get into the habit of shopping for fresh produce and household items without all the unneccesary packaging. Locally I have found shops like Good Source, Faithful to NatureFood Lovers Market, Checkers and our local mushroom farm to be the best. They offer a wide variety of produts that can be selected individually and this has also helped so much on the bank account. By buying just what you need, over pre packaged items, you are more aware of what needs to be consumed and reducing the chance of waste due to produce turning bad. Plus it’s far more fun to tangibly pick up something and choose what you really need over a want.IMG_3393img_3916.jpgIMG_3915A really cool idea to get the ball rolling on this movement is to also gift friends and family with items that could lead to plastic free and less waste habits. Reason being, because sometimes items like fabric bags and reusable coffee cups are not items they would want to spend their money on for themselves.

This list could go on and on but I will stick to these four simple things you can try apply to your everyday habits. If you can get into the habit of these, you have played a part in making our environment that much more preserved. Then once you’ve got them nailed, try add something onto the list.

To end off this post I want to share 10 tips and tricks that Good Source gave out at their workshop they so kindly invited me to join. These tips are simple, realistic and anyone can apply them to their daily lives without much hassel and cost. IMG_3963.JPGSTTC together quote.jpgIMG_3962.JPGI hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that these few pointers might make you think about the world we live in. The animals we may save and a few less items of trash entering waterways, landfills and the environment that we so love to enjoy.

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