Magic in the Wildflowers

IMG_6801-2.jpgHappy New Year everyone. Here’s to wishing you a vibrant year ahead where you discover your passion, exude kindness on the daily, turn dreams into reality and feel all the joy that could possibly come your way. May it also be a year of positivity and unexpected opportunities. This post is only like a month late but rather late than never right?

There is an open field I drive past daily and nearing the end of last year, it just got yellower and prettier by the day. I couldn’t help but rack my brain of how I could get myself into this field and what I could use the flowers for. And it finally clicked. I was going to pick a car full of them and use them in the Christmas tree. Shame. Andrew puts up with so many of my ideas and just lets me run with them. So off we went to forage an amount of flowers that could only bring an abundance of happiness and little girl type smiles.STTC WILDFLOWER.jpgsttc wildflower quoteimg_6902-2Ladybirds and floral scents followed us home and I could finally bring my idea to life. I spent the afternoon cleaning the stems of unwanted leaves and then leaving only the bright yellow flowers on to make it easier to push them into our tree. img_7022-2img_7023-2sttc wildflower quote2Once all the flowers were prepped and dry. I proceeded to turn our bare Christmas tree into a sunshine corner in our living space. Basic steps first: She & Him Christmas album on, tree upright, fairy lights and then the fun part of scattering these beautiful blooms evenly around the spaces that would be visible. Our poor tree goes naked at the back the whole season because I bring the party to the front. Why waste ornaments and decor by putting them at the back for the wall to enjoy?STTC TREE.jpgI may take some inspiration from this plain tree for this year. I quite like the simplicity of it’s simpleness but wait till you see how I decorated it so you can understand how hard it would be for me to hold back on the decor. The next pics are of it in all it’s glory and I think it’s been my favorite tree so far in our home. It provided us with a room full of a floral aroma, pollen dusted floors, fairylit evenings and the most beautiful part of it all was how everyday the flowers opened and closed until they dried out. IMG_7880.JPGIMG_7881.JPG

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