Store Your Food Pretty

DSCF8364.jpg The warmer weather has finally decided to arrive and it is more than welcome to stay. These beautiful days call for afternoons spent outdoors and what better accessory to carry all your snacks than in a unique hand painted tiffin carrier?

A tiffin carrier is a sustainable option to carry your favorite snacks on picnic outings or weekend camping trips. Recently it’s been a personal goal of mine to reduce plastic use as a whole. There’s been a big hype on single use plastic straws but what about all the other plastic items that are larger? Everytime you go on a picnic, it’s so easy to cling wrap items but with a tiffin carrier it allows you to eliminate the plastic wrap and stack up various foods in separate compartments. Simple as that and they look as cute as anything. DSCF8365.jpgSTTC.jpgDSCF8401DSCF8431STTC tiffin ideas.jpgDSCF8413DSCF8414I got this specific tiffin from Pilgrimage Spaces , a South African based company stocking the most beautiful artisan treasures that reflect a personal story of their makers. Each piece holds a beginning of a chapter from its creator and you as the customer, after purchasing, are allowed to take on the next chapter and make it your own by filling it with whatever your imagination and heart desires.

STTC Tiffins.jpgIf you are wanting to get one for yourself, there are two options in size: one larger one crafted with three tiers and four versatile compartments, and a smaller option with two tiers and three compartments which is perfect for an everyday lunchbox. They help to keep food and snacks separated while also keeping food warm for up to 2 hoursDSCF8408I’m super excited for the next little outing with my sustainable food carrier because it puts a smile on my face, not only with it’s beauty and the idea that a person sat somewhere magical in the world and handpainted this treasure  but with the contents of whatever is inside too (for me food will always make me happy). Over and above that, it also makes me happy knowing that by choosing a reusable item like this, that there is one less plastic item finding its way to the ocean which in turn can save a beautiful creatures life.


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  1. Pam says:

    Pls advise price of Tiffin in all sizes thanks so much

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    1. Hi Pam, the large one is R795 and the smaller one is R495…if you click on the words highlighted in blue it should take you straight to the product on their online store ☺️


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