Let’s Go Camping

ACS_0039.JPGThis little getaway was booked months ahead of time when I had my camping cravings. I like to book things spontaneously ahead of time so that there is always something to look forward to. Anyways, this little spot is one of our favourites. It’s just before the Drakensberg Gardens resort where they have a small caravan park wih the most picteresque stream running by. In the winter months the river side spots are golden as the river runs low and that sound of the stream rolling over stones surrounds you…oh that beautiful sound. It’s like something lullabies may be based on, or should be atleast.dscf7159-e1525853437584.jpg

Camping into Glamping

So many people dislike camping but it can honestly beat any weekend away in a cabin if done properly. You just need your basics and a little preparation to turn your tent into home away from home. Here’s a few things I swear by for the most comfortable camping experience:to take - Copy - Copy.jpgWe have a camp box which is packed at all times and ready to go if we decide on a spontaneous weekend away. This box has things like rope, batteries, pegs, hammers, torches, a kettle, a hammock (you never know if there may be the two most perfect trees to lay between) and other little bits and bobs that you might not think of when packing.dscf7160.jpgto take - Copy.jpgDSCF7165.JPG

Cheeseboard o’ clock

Just because you’re sleeping in a tent and cooking over a fire does not mean you need to diet on hotdogs and s’mores. Cheeseboards are a really good option to consider taking along on your camping trip as most of its ingredients don’t require refrigeration or any complicated storage. They are also ideal to prepare for two people or a crowd to snack on whilst the fire is warming up and getting to temperature to cook lunch or dinner.dscf7115.jpgcheeseboardDSCF7135DSCF7097

Go out, Explore

Each day in the mountains, is an opportunity to be adventurous and submerge yourself in the surroundings. Its the best natural stress reliever just allowing yourself to take the day as it goes with no specific schedule. Put on your hiking boots, pack a backpack with snacks, drinks, swimsuits, sunblock and towels and just walk. You never know what you may come across and decide to do. This specific weekend we decided to start the day by heading into the Maloti Mountain reserve. We sent the drone up and flew it over a flowing stream which we noticed had what seemed to be pools deep enough to properly swim in and we weren’t wrong. We trekked our way down to the stream and spent a good amount of time just the two of us lying on the rocks and getting in and out the water whilst admiring nothing but the mountainscapes and nature. acs_0029-e1525854786611.jpgACS_0028

Relax, take it easy

Remember that the best part of going away is to get away from normal day to day life and everyday stresses. So take the time to relax, do what really makes your heart smile, have that afternoon nap, sit and stare whilst doing absolutely nothing and don’t feel guilty about it. Chances are you’ve worked really hard to deserve this weekend away and after work week madness you are allowed to take pleasure in being still. DSCF7414ACS_0037ACS_0042campIMG_E0400

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