Be My Guest (Before + After)

DSCF6966b.jpgI don’t know about you but I get these itches to change the decor in our home all the time and this poor spare room always just gets the leftovers.  This rooms decor has been changed more than you can count fingers since we’ve moved in. I walk past it everyday and there’s little things I notice which irritate me. Like how it’s a room in our home but it doesn’t match at all and this one fake pink flower in the corner that’s actually so ugly but been too lazy to get rid of. This past weekend I finally let my nerves get the better of me and finally touched up it’s makeup – with the most minimal budget. property-2067659-40576632_eThis is a before pic of the room. The perfect backdrop for our guests when they come stay over don’t you think? (nah!) I didn’t take a proper before pic but at least this “high quality” photo gives you the idea of this rooms journey and how far it has come. IMG_9566.JPGAndrew and I spent a weekend prepping and painting the walls over which was instantly an improvement and made the room feel so much bigger. We never thought this princess castle would require so many coats of paint. Note for future – Don’t paint a mural in an interior space!Wallpaper is just as effective, more affordable and can at least be removed when you get tired of it. A painted mural leaves a faint 3D type outline that then needs to be sanded down smooth before applying a base coat. This process can be quite a mission.spare room before - Copy.jpgSo this is what the bedroom was looking like just before the weekend. It’s not bad, but it’s not my favourite. I didn’t get them in this photo but there is usually an extra two orange scatter cushions either side of the cross cushion for that “pop of colour” and let’s not try work out why that bright pink flower was ever bought.

I had no intentions of changing up this room but walking in to Mr Price Home was just a dangerous idea to start with. I went “just to SEE what they have” and landed up walking out with a Moroccan lantern that was marked down to R200 which was too good a price to leave behind. I didn’t even know where I was going to put this Moroccan inspired lamp but my inner Princess Jasmine told me I had to have it. She was right!DSCF6974.JPGHome it came and found it’s spot in our guest room. After a little rewiring and ceiling mounting, the room finally looked a bit like the rest of the house. All in an afternoons work. I had an old rug from our dining room sitting in the garage which I decided to give new life and brought it into the room. I took note of the colours in the rug and landed up pulling out old scatter cushions I had kept, along with a furry blanket that was from our old place. The pink flower was finally removed and replaced with neutral orchards I had on my sewing table. The room now has a fresh look and only cost R200 (for the lantern).DSCF6988DSCF6972DSCF6977DSCF6967DSCF6869I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing the transformation and has allowed you to see that you don’t need to break the bank in order to transform a space. Get rid of junk but hold on to things that could maybe find a new life at another stage. Scatter cushions can always be recovered and rugs will always come in handy at some stage. Whether its for an outdoor dinner party on the grass or just for updating an interior space.DSCF6988bThank you guys for following my Instagram and letting me know what you want to read on the blog! Your interaction encourages me to dream and come up with new ideas


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