Mother’s Day Lunch

DSCF2307.JPGWith Mothers day fast approaching, I thought I would share some ideas with you on how to host and show how much you love the moms in your life. Yes, restaurants are a treat but there is no better way to spoil someone than by actually putting in thought and effort into treating them to a homemade meal with a complete surprise twist on flavors. DSCF2304.JPG

Simple Hosting Trick

My trick to creating the perfect ambience is to keep it simple and be clever with your presentation. If there’s one thing I could recommend to keen hosts, is to create a party cupboard/drawer where over time you stock up on decor items like underplates, different styles of tableware, candle sticks, ice buckets, glassware, serviettes (I buy these whenever I see unique ones that I think will one day work) and general decoration. There is a cupboard in our garage which I have made my go to whenever we host and this lands up saving money in the long run as I don’t need to go out and buy things to set the atmosphere. I work with what I have and then spend money on the food and drinks which I believe works as decoration in itself if they are presented well. DSCF2313.JPGFor this particular mothers day lunch, I had beautiful floral serviettes in my party cupboard that I decided I wanted to use. I then made my way to Waste Center and bought an olive green velvet fabric to match and use as the tablecloth. The rest kind of just flowed from there. The serviettes worked as a base for the colours I wanted to use in the table setting and I decided to use fresh fruits as table centerpieces. Our mothersday gifts (for Andrews mom and mine) of pot plant tulips and Ma Mère nougat landed up being incorporated into the table setting which kind of helped take it to the next level.

DSCF2292.JPGSetting the perfect atmosphere

In order for your party to go off well, it is so important for you to be a relaxed and hospitable host that is ready to enjoy the company around them. If possible, try set the table early. I sometimes do this first thing in the morning or the night before so that there is one less thing to worry about on the day and lets your focus be on the food. If things are not ready on time, take it in your stride and enjoy good laughs and conversation over drinks whilst you finish off that salad prep. It’s really not the end of the world if time has run away from you a bit. Plus it’s also a kind reminder to your guests that you have put love and care into the meal you have prepared for them. Last but not least light some candles on the table, make sure everyones glass is full and turn the music on. I have created playlists of music for different themes (so cheesy I know but its my best) SO if it’s Mexican, Fiesta Lounge is coming on. It makes a difference to filling in silences and setting the tone. But make sure its just loud enough for you to talk over. DSCF2322

Food, Glorious Food

The most looked forward part of any meal party is the food (aside from the company). So often people avoiding hosting as they stress over the catering part. Thing is, it really doesn’t have to be that complicated. People are usually just so grateful that they have been invited. Think of how many people are confirmed, decide on what you want to serve and if there will be courses. Decide all this before doing your grocery shop as this helps you to stay focused and lets the ingredients come together. A go to fail safe is to always have some sort of snack ready when guests arrive – a cheeseboard or canapes for example. This eases guests in and gives you time to do the final touches on your meal prep. For this particular mothers day party, I came up with a simple menu with Thai flavour inspiration :

  • Snackboard on arrival – Garlic & Feta balls rolled with rosemary then paired with sprinkled pomegranites, grapes, sliced strawberries, micro leaves and edible flowers. Paired with champagne poured on arrival


  • Starters – Thai spiced butternut and langoustine soup served with fresh sliced bread and white wine

DSCF2322Thai spiced soup recipe.jpgDSCF2321.JPG

  • Mains – Whole baked red roman in green curry spices, coconut rice and seasonal veg
  • Dessert – Homemade Coconut cream panacotta with granadilla coulis


This menu was fun to put together and I really experimented with putting Thai flavours into Western recipes. By simply substituting your normal cream with coconut cream, helped change the flavours completely and brought a freshness to old homestyle cooking.

I hope you have felt somewhat inspired by this post and taken some ideas away to host a relatively stress free mothers day party with basic, but sophisticated recipes.

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