Why Splashy Is A Must!

DSCF1445.JPGA long weekend of live music, dress up and honestly the most vibrant atmosphere. This post has me reminiscing about Splashy Fen music festival and why it’s an absolute must!splashy1.jpgSplashy Fen is known as one of South Africa’s longest running annual music festivals where thousands of people make their way to the most colorful camping experience. After a scenic drive up (aproximately 2 hours from Durban, 7 hours from JHB depending on traffic). The festival in Underberg, KwaZulu Natal welcomes you with landscape views of rolling hills, wondrous mountains,  and the friendliest of faces full of excitement.DSCF1372.JPG

You wake up to happiness

DSCF1380splashy2.jpgAfter a night of dancing, early risers welcome the day with a peaceful yoga session in the crisp mountain air before the sound of tent zips start opening and festival goers laugh their way around breakfast fry ups and coffee. For the few that have a little more gumption first thing in the morning, they can also choose to participate in Splashy trail runs. The rest of the day kind of unravels itself as you wander around enjoying the stalls, food, bustle and different entertainment on offer

The day is always bright

DSCF1423DSCF1429DSCF1434Come rain or shine you just know you are in for a good day. Music fills the air and people are just having an all round great time. But do pack in those gum boots because when it rains, it really rains. It’s not called Splashy for nothing and honestly, its nothing a bit of dancing yourself off cant help with. Plus there are a few undercover areas to avoid dampening your mood (can’t help the puns)

Dress up day is a thing

DSCF1546DSCF1565DSCF1563Saturdays at Splashy Fen are now dedicated to dressing up however you want. If you so wish, you can also enter yourself into the Splashion Show and run a chance of winning an awesome prize. Like really awesome! The prize for the Turtles (they won) was a trip for 2 to the Seychelles. So making the effort with your dress up outfit really pays off. I spent quite a few hours making my beaded chest piece, headpiece and Andrews horns. Even if you don’t win, it’s all in good fun and where else can you dress however and get away with it. Ps. how ridiculously cool are the eagle masks my special friends made?!DSCF1597splashy3DSCF1571DSCF1535DSCF1576

There are five stages to choose from

As the day goes by you can wander from stage to stage and watch a performance of your choice.The Treehouse Stage and Acoustic Stage offer you unique and quirky acts to enjoy.DSCF1205DSCF1201DSCF1320DSCF1232DSCF1293DSCF1294If you are feeling lazy or a little tender on a beautiful Splashy day you can make your way down to the River Stage, pool floats and alas, to laze your way down the river. All  whilst music treats your ears. This stage lays alongside a refreshing river stream and has been a definite highlight over the years for many Splashy goers and their inflatables.

Splashy Fen has really gone out of their way to bring in international acts the past 2 years and have allowed them to shine on the Main Stage for all of us to soak up.splashy4.jpgDSCF1476Last but most definitely not least. After the main act performance on main stage the night moves on and you make your way down to the Electric Boma for a good dance session. We found ourselves here a lot, ending off the night with great beats and friends. DSCF1488.JPGDSCF1250

Camping or Glamping

General access tickets to Splashy fen include free camping on the Splashy farm and this allows you to set up home base where and with whom you choose. Also putting you right in the heart of the festival spirit. General camping also includes the experience of meeting new people whilst you wait in long lines for showers and communal porto loos. It’s really not that big a deal but if that’s not for you. Well then step it up a notch and book yourself into Harambe. A hassel free glampsite that is ready for you on arrival. It includes tents with actual beds, electrical plug points, exclusive Harambe guest loos (ceramic ones), hot and cold showers and a tent for the ladies with hairdryers and mirrors. As if that isn’t enough the glamping also includes a full hot and cold buffet breakfast (bacon, eggs, yoghurt, muesli, coffee, tea, juices, you get the idea). General camping does give you an entirely different experience of the festival compared to glamping, but each to their own. At least you have the option to choose either one.DSCF1190DSCF1470DSCF1761DSCF1759

It’s for anyone & everyone

Come big or small, everyone is welcome at Splashy Fen. Yes there is great music and activities but the overall  camping experience is for the whole family. You see children making friends and running around in their teeny gumboots like they are in some kind of wonderland. Then look the other way and there’s gran and gramps having a bit of a dance or just sitting and relaxing whilst watching the different generations go by. DSCF1720.JPG The photos kind of speak for themselves and reflect the vibrancy of the festival. Missing a Splashy Fen festival fills you with all kinds of fomo. Due to work, we were unable to attend this year and messages from friends that were there tugged at us and made us so wish we were there experiencing it all over again. So avoid the feeling and make sure you make your way there next year. It will be worth your while.

For more info on the festival you can follow their Instagram , Facebook page or visit their website here

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