Perfect Pork Belly Roast

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and got to catch up on the beautiful sunshine that was out. Summer has definitely started to welcome itself this side of the world.

This past weekend was a busy one for us, it all started on Thursday night where we were invited by a friend to the Philaharmonic orchestra at the Durban City Hall. We got to sit in the Mayors Box which was a great experience and a really fun night overall. On Friday we went to the Milky Chance concert and decided to have a few friends round for snacks and predrinks. Come Saturday we had a family gathering and then by Sunday Andrew was asking me what I was going to cook for Sunday lunch.

Sunday lunch is a big deal in our home and we often share it with our family. So this past weekend I did a Pork Belly roast which I am sharing with you today. It’s not a difficult recipe at all, it’s just about getting all the flavors to balance and work together, then bombing it in the oven to slow cook whilst you relax and enjoy your afternoon. This recipe is perfect for any occasion where you have around 2 hours to prepare the food (that is including preperation and cooking time) and it tastes delicious. No expert experience needed!

Pork Belly Roast Small Things That Count Blog


Food Produce – Woolworths Food

Apple Cider- Tops at Spar

French Kitchen Spices (I purchased my spices on markdown the usual price is R299, it’s worth it I promise) – Poetry

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