DIY: Simple Bathroom Mosaic

Hi All

We had the privilege of having a long weekend this past weekend and it was so needed. But it’s a new week and the race till Christmas countdown has begun. YAY! 🙂 This year has gone by exceptionally fast.

Today is my first DIY post and I have tried to make it as clear and simple for you. We have a guest toilet that we stripped completely bare. As we had literally no budget for this room, but knew it needed a facelift,  we decided to just take off all the dated tiles on the walls and to re-skim them to prep for either painting or wallpaper. This cost us a total R500 for labor and removal of rubble. Totally worth it! And it’s allowing us the opportunity to put our own touch to this tiny space.

We were gifted with a new vanity and cupboard combo which replaced an old freestanding sink which could’ve come out of any public bathroom. It was badly positioned right in front of the door, so you had to dance yourself around to get into the bathroom and close the door just scraping past your nose. It was that badly planned.  Our new vanity has now been placed behind the door which makes a lot more sense and has made going in and out the bathroom so much easier. It’s been sitting bare for a few weeks and because we had some leftover mosaics from our master bathroom, I decided to make use of the spares and make a backsplash for the vanity.

Please excuse the naked walls in the photos, they will be dressed beautifully in the next few weeks and I will be taking you on that journey with us. It’s going to look great and I cannot wait to bring this tiny room all together!

I’ve put together a short step by step tutorial for you below on how to install mosaics with ease…

Small Things That Count Blog DIY Mosaic

Ready Mix Adhesive & Grout, Plastic spatula and sponge – Builders Warehouse

White octagonal mosaics – Douglas Jones at Ital Tile

Vanity and cupboard combo – Bathroom Bizarre

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  1. Very cool, very clean!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed this post


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